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Malhavoc - (1987) Shrine LP

Malhavoc - (1987) Shrine LP

01 - Age Of The Dark Renaissance-Urbain Grandier
02 - Attack From The Sepulcher
03 - Empirical Minds
04 - Dunwich Horror
05 - Dread
06 - Age of Desire
07 - Masque of the Red Death
08 - Meridiana
09 - Trial And Error: Of Reanimators And Immortals/ From Beyond/ Deathtrance
10 - Extro
Malhavoc 1987 Shrine LP flac-Level 8.rar
File size: 341.57 MB
Malhavoc 1987 Shrine LP mp3's @320 kbps.rar
File size: 123.61 MB
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It has been so long, and since I no longer have access to any old fanzines, or any folks who remember what was supposed to be --- I managed to wing it.

As a diehard fan of this era of Malhavoc, and having attended most, if not all of their shows when they were still true metal, I put together the tracks of what was to be their debut album for Diabolic Force / Fringe Records, from 2 of their cd's.

There has been a rough mix tape that has been traded for years, and I doubt it originally came from me, but you never know. Brian yelled at me when he seen it on my tapetrader list 6 months , or a year later.

It was only 6 songs, one side of a 45 minute tape. Figures me, or Rob Raffan didn't tell me there were more songs on the other side for a long time!

"Dread" I know was written around December 1985, as that was when it was recorded on a rehearsal tape.
All the others not from the Renaissance demo, am pretty sure were all written in 1987.

Since "Deathtrance", and the outro was at the end of the rough mix tape we had,I always felt that was how the vinyl was meant to end when released (this STILL shoule be on vinyl- everybody is bootlegging Razor and Sodom and Mercyful Fate, how about these guys?!)

"From Beyond" is not the same song from the March 1987 rehearsal,just the same title used.

The ONLY thing which does not seem right is "Extro".

I remember an electrical sizzling sound, like the Tempest video game,plus James pointed out,if you listen very, very carefully - in the background he sampled the squeaking gate and rain from "the Storm" off the 1986 demo 'Age of The Dark Renaissance'.
I don't hear it on this,so was it scrapped, or am I going deaf?

Unless I find other early tapes/rips from fans, this might be the last post for this blogsite.
I will not be uploading The Release, or Premeditated Murder cd's. I see there are torrents on the net for them, so you bastards who know how that shit works, go grab them there, I don't know how.


Ok, I know where I messed up. The outro track was called "Epoch Of Empirism", and it is included here - Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release
I'm not fixing the mistake. But those of you who want the album as meant to be, delete Extro, add "Epoch", and fix the mp3 details to match.

The artwork used for Malhavoc's 1986 demo

Etching or engraving of "sabbat des sorciers 1613 From Tableav de l'inconstance des mauvais anges et demons Pierre de Lancresabbat des sorciers 1613 From Tableav de l'inconstance des mauvais anges et demons Pierre de Lancre"

Etching or engraving of "sabbath of witches Tableav From 1613 to the fickleness of bad angels and demons Stone Lancresabbat wizards Tableav From 1613 to the fickleness of bad angels and demons Stone Lancre"
After long hours of googlesearch and guessing back and forth, I found it.
Many many thanks to for having it online!

I might be missing the demo cover,lyric sheet, logo sheet,and sticker,but this is pretty cool to finally see all of, right?

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In July 1987 I was shooting the shit with James on the phone about ideas for the debut album they were recording for Brian Taylor's Diabolic Force label (while a straight edge kid/fanzine editor kept crank calling me during it, which kind of annoyed me at the time).

James was telling me what kind of feel he wanted the album to give off, and it reminded me of a James Herbert ("horror"?) book I finished reading.
After I read the following passage above to him, he shouted pretty enthusiastically. It tied in with some themes he had, maybe with songs like Deathtrance.

I loaned him the book, which is the cover pictured above. (I sort of gave up asking for it back after a few years).It's at the library anyway.

Next thing we know, while he is taping up flyers (for 3 upcoming Malhavoc gigs, one was with Stig Evil,a Mercyful Fate covers band),outside of the King Diamond/Trouble gig at the Diamond Club (Trouble did not play, it was said the stage was too small for both bands sets and equipment...damn ripoff for many of us), we learn that King Diamond's next release will be called "Shrine" (think it was a B side of his single?)

That was sort of a bummer.

THEN James was pissed off that one idea he had for his album cover of a guy being dissected on a surgeon's table, , was stolen by Fringe Records for their DISSECTION album!(there is a partial view of that promo flyer here)

So..there, if you ever wondered WHY the debut album was going to be called that.


Finally have a copy again of the whole thing again. Probably found it on facebook from Jimi Lamort or the Malhavoc group page.
The debut album was to have two sides -
the songs from the 1986 "Age of The Dark Renaissance" demo would have the 
"Etching or engraving of "sabbath of witches Tableav From 1613 to the fickleness of bad angels and demons Stone Lancresabbat wizards Tableav From 1613 to the fickleness of bad angels and demons Stone Lancre"
the newer written songs like "Age of Desire" and "Empirical Minds" would have the artwork on the other side "Epoch of Empirism".

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Here are some more photos

Thanks to everybody that has uploaded these and shared on facebook and other websites.

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Malhavoc summer 1989 demo

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Malhavoc summer 1989 demo @128.rar
1.Love Song
2.No Running

Guitar on Love Song sounds influenced by The Cure's scarier/eerie work.
Would label this maybe as industrial,definitely alternative. Reminds me of very early Ministry, before they got heavy.
Also, story behind this, ok, PART of the story, is the female in the background saying I love you from the answering machine was from a suicide message.

No Running ,a bombastic soundtrack music track, would fit in a Schwarzenegger flick from the 1980s or 90s.
Was used as the live show intro for Overthrow, Toronto area thrash metal band.
Unreleased still as far as I know (I stopped listening to them after Premeditated Murder).

all instruments/programming - James C.

No jacket made for this, not an official tape, just happened to find it and copy it when I visited one time.

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Malhavoc 1986 Demo Age of the Dark Renaissance

Here it is. The BEST that MALHAVOC ever did. The pinnacle. the peak. The piece de resistance, and all that jazz.
Yes, their album Shrine had amazing production and you could definitely hear on that recording all the German thrash James was influenced by, most notably Destruction.

The Age of The Dark Renaissance demo though is one of the most original tapes that was a part of thrash metal history.

A meltdown of influences here - NWOBHM like Iron Maiden with Dianno, Bathory, Sodom, Metallica, and horror movie soundtracks.

I should have left the long pauses of silence between the tracks, as when we played the tape, it added a lot of mystery as "what next?" and you'd hear wind, a creaking gate, etc

I added a song John and James recorded for that demo, but was left off, and hardly anyone knows about. Personally I think they made it sound a MILLION times better than the original by Kreator.

01.Age of the Dark Renaissance
02.Urbain Grandier
03.Night Cry
06.Attack from the Sepulcher
07.the Storm
09.Dunwich Horror
+ unreleased instrumental version of
10.Endless Pain (Kreator cover)

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Malhavoc 1986 Demo Age of the Dark Renaissance @ 320
or FLAC files

Many many thanks goes out to ChorazaiM of MEGIDDO for loaning his copy to me.
He might have stated his copy sounded poor,as he played it many times himself, but it sounds good to me.
By the way, I wish I had the live tape of the March 13th,1987 gig when Malhavoc played with Beyond, and Holocaust At Idiko's (aka The Bridge).
Just remembered a special guest singing on Dunwich Horror!

EDIT: here, an even better rip I did. If you use FLAC files that is.
Malhavoc (Can) - 1986 Demo Age of the Dark Renaissance FLAC Level 8

01.Age of the Dark Renaissance
02.Urbain Grandier
03.Night Cry
06.Attack from the Sepulcher
07.the Storm
09.Dunwich Horror
+ unreleased instrumental version of
10.Endless Pain (Kreator cover)

252 MB

This was on the back of one the sheets included with the demo, either was on the back of the lyrics, the songs/track times listing, or the strange collage of pictures.
This also was a photocopied sticker that came with the demo,the size of the cassette cover.

Malhavoc 1991 Punishments

I think Re-release is the version that James wanted to originally record, but the first time in the studio with the new style,for The Release album, they played it as fast as they performed it live?
I can't remember exactly what he said that night he came down to CKLN after I played the ancient Malhavoc demo song "Sineater"...
I forgot there was a M.E.A.T.compilation cd... was there 2 of them? Think bands had to pay to get on there, so Ron Sumners who owned Epidemic Records maybe caught a deal?
Funny,eh? because years later, that is what BW&BK mag did, charge bands a fee to get a track and a brief mention on their monthly compilation cd with the magazine.

01 - Punishments
02 - Woodwitch
03 - The Mirror
04 - Distaste
05 - Re-Release
06 - Punishments (M.E.A.T. Mix)
07 - Woodwitch (Dirt Mix)

Malhavoc (1991) Punishments CD rip 320 kbps


Thanks to Steve Murphy (from Eldritch Rite,Process Revealed, and Rotting Corpse),for sending me this cd, as I don't remember what happened to my copy.

Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release

full demo cover included in download
James said on each copy he handed out, he added him fooling around with his sequncer to fill up side 1.

01.The Release
03.William Wilson
04.1990 demo exclusive to this cassettte copy

05.Epoch Of Empirism (from Shrine)
06.Empirical Minds (from Shrine)
07.Age Of Desire (from Shrine)
08.Mark of Cain (By Steve)

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Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release vbr (224 to 320 kbps)

Kudos to Oskar for loaning this tape back to me to copy and share it with other Malhavoc fans (all 3 of you know who you are, that remember when Malhavoc was good).
AND a big I don't give a CRAP THAT "evil" chuck is dead,ZERO KUDOS to "Evil" Chuck for smashing his copy of the demo and also for the Malhavoc shirt also given to him that he left on the floor of his tour bus and made people walk on.
Guess maybe karma caught up to him?

Malhavoc 1989 1-89 DEMO TESTING THE WATERS


James gave this tape to me at the Soundgarden/Faith No More/Voi Vod gig at The Concert Hall.
Think it was then.
All he said was this was the new direction he was heading in.
Like he said in 1987, he was planning to be more soundtrackish like one of his favourite bands GOBLIN.

Lineup - James C. all instruments
Malhavoc 1989 1-89 DEMO TESTING THE WATERS 224 kbps

Malhavoc 1987 rehearsal

Of course, I was so smart to copy the two songs only from this rehearsal,but lose the rest and the hour long interview(which was published as 7 pages in the first issue of Scrolls Of Doom zine)

1987 (March ?) rehearsal

1.From Beyond (unreleased, never recorded in studio)
2.Deathtrance (original version, pre-Shrine album)
Malhavoc '87 interview in Anti-Poser.jpg (missing the last column)
Anti-Poser was an underground metal fanzine from Niagara Falls, Ontario.Published by Derek Wills.

James C. vocals/guitar
Dave C. bass
John C. drums

There is a July 1987 rehearsal that was shared back with me, but sure wish I had kept all of this March session as all 3 members just killed !!

Malhavoc 1985 DEMO #3

YES,this blog is ONLY about Malhavoc that started in Pickering, Ontario.
I will add photos and flyers etc soon.

I WISH I still had the 1983 and 84 demos, and the December 1985 rehearsal tapes.
Maybe someday some or all of it will show up again, but unlikley,

If any of that was released on vinyl by James, despite the poor sound quality, he would get sales, as some of us purchase bootlegs by obscure 1980s death/black.thrash metal bands due to the rarity of the songs.

The original two demos were 4 track (or 8 track ?) tape home recordings I guess and sounded as good as demos by Sodom or Hellhammer.

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Malhavoc 1985 DEMO #3 vbr

2.PARANOIA (cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid with a riff later used in "The Age of..")
EDIT:my mistake. The riff I'm thinking of, was used in either Urbain Grandier or Dunwich Horror.

Fairly sure this was done around just some time before the "Beginning The End" demo that was played on CKLN-FM radio (which no longer exists) out of Ryerson University .

Lineup was for this demo (after guitarist Nigel left?)
James C. (James Cavalluzzo-gtr,bass)
and John C. (John Carss)- drums)