Saturday, December 31, 2011


A facebook group where DJ Jimi Lamort posts in is


I figure some of you that like the electronic/dance side of Malhavoc would want to know that.

Happy New Year. I am eating bean and cheese burritos.
with hot sauce.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MALHAVOC Friday the 13th at ILDIKO'S

MALHAVOC 1987-03-13 Friday March the 13th at ILDIKO'S (aka The Bridge)

audience recording

01.Doug Ildiko introduces band-Age of The Dark Renaissance (3:02)
02./ Urbain Grandier (3:42)
03.Masque of Red Death (5:44)
04.Meridiana (5:16)
05.Age Of Desire (4:49)
06.Empirical Minds (6:41)
07.Dread (6:56)
08.Attack from the Sepulcher (4:46)
09.Deathtrance (5:15)

missing last song "Dunwich Horror" with Skar (Sepulchre) as guest singer

46 minutes 11 seconds

@ 320 kbps

go to

James C. - vox/gtr
Dave C. - bass
John C. - drumss

Recorded on a SONY mono recorder, in front of the PA on the audience's right side,