Sunday, January 5, 2020

Lossless files maybe soon again ?

I am supposed to get the vinyl LP of the 1986 demo, maybe it was sent already , but have not checked my rental mail box since october, so it might be sitting there for all I know.

If i got it free from the band, then forget about the free downloads from here ever again.

It is the least i can do to help the band/James,  but when I go in the next week to check if I got any physical mail and it ain't there, then guess i will re-rip/re-up everything as FLAC or WAV rips.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Well, that made us grin back then !

Some of us wondered if James joined Alice Coopers band! or if this guitarist guy ripped off the priest collar idea after James wore it at least once onstage at Ildiko's earlier in 1987 before this music video?
I forgot which show that was, and didn't bring a camera back then, (only a handheld tape recorder sometimes to record shows or do interviews).
Not the first time I heard the Cooper camp borrowed ideas from Toronto area bands. There was some idea they took from Piledriver? I would have to check old emails, unless it was something I was told on the phone once from Gored.
he didn't care at the time when they did it I think, as he is a HUGE Alice Cooper fan.

Monday, January 28, 2019

decibel magazine - Retrospective: Malhavoc’s “Premeditated Murder”

Evil Annihilator posted on facebook this link :
decibel magazine - Retrospective: Malhavoc’s “Premeditated Murder”

I will guess it was written by this same Greg Pratt ->

Pretty much agree with what he said.

Though. after this album was released, was when I stopped caring.

It was clear they were about to abandon metal to become whatever it is they are, and I was not going to pay to see them play live anymore or buy their future cd's. Premeditated Murder was cool for what was included on it, but now I see it was probably to keep the interest from old fans by clearing out some of the vault.

I never seen the concerts where Jimi was cutting his chest onstage, but for years was hearing/reading about it from others, or new friends who were fans.

Was not interested in viewing that in person. Especially since he supposedly was taken to the hospital many times.
(Maybe as a teenager it might be cool and appealing to watch a show and then learn the musician died after you witnessed the last concert ever?)

and the main reason I stopped caring....

James started hanging upside down naked onstage, and as John C. once said (but about porn) "If I want to look at some guy's dick, I'll go home and look at my own".

Monday, January 7, 2019

Anyone remember when a review said Malhavoc's drums sounded like shit?

I forgot from where, so ask James if you are on the Malhavoc facebook group page.

Somebody wrote that the drums sounded like shit on The Release (or maybe it was another early CD).
Funny thing is, was it not Dave Lombardo's drumbeats sampled off the SLAYER "Reign In Blood" album ??!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

James likes eating ice cream - News at Eleven

News Feed

I am in heaven. Cannot believe I just had my first Banana Split. It was the friggin greatest thing I have ever eaten! I grew up thinking they were so extravagant and way out of my price range. I am gonna get another one before the next film. So happy Banana Splits are a part of my life now.
*feeling like a complete fool
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Glenn Salter
Glenn Salter It's nice to know you've discovered a new form of decadence. I too love the banana split (and the Banana Splits as seen above as well).
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Joseph Kalson
Joseph Kalson 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4!
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Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb Makes you even more awesome to share this part of your life story. I was 16 before I tried my first typical birthday cake - I can never have enough of it now.
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Joseph Kalson
Joseph Kalson And now you can get it in a dippin dots flavor... Ice cream of the future. Doesn't that mean the future is now?
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More big MALHAVOC news
" More big MALHAVOC news. Some of the few have asked for it, so we are doing it, we are now available on all the major streaming sites! That means Spotify, Google Play, Amazon even fucking iTunes and Apple Music.
Right now THE RELEASE, PREMEDITATED MURDER, GET DOWN and PUNISHMENTS (ep) are up, but more will be added over the coming weeks.
More streaming sites are coming as well, Tideal, Microsoft Groove and many others.
Hopefully you listen on the streaming sites, but come and buy the music at our bandcamp store.
Note also that it should say Icky-Poo Productions to make it official. Some asshole has been selling our music on iTunes for years and we can't seem to get rid of him, but we are seilling our stuff cheaper, so remember, if's it more expensive, it's not us.
Let us know what you use, and how everything is. If you find any issues with wrong titles, how things sound, anything, let us know. You can respond right here and we'll get right back to you.
Enjoy! "

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

PAUL ABRAMSON - VAN RICHTER RECORDS is illegally selling Malhavoc's music, and with the support of i-tunes !!!

I do not support selling digital music files, but what pisses me off even more is when scumbags sell the music who have ZERO CONNECTION to the bands!!

if I am remembering correctly,  around 8 years ago, a website was illegally selling Overthrow's music and Nick Sagias had no idea who it was, how they got away with it., or how to stop it.

These days, with supposedly more laws to protect artists, none of that matters if large companies / corporations are making a buck or two off you, and you get NOTHING. they don't care, unless you have the money for lawyers to make them suffer and pay you what they owe plus damages.

anyways, here are some posts Jimi and his friends / fans made on Facebook....

 News Feed
    Just got this email from iTunes....
    Hello James,
    We have been in touch with our provider and they disagree with your claim. Please work with our provider directly to resolve your concern at the email address provided in the attached spreadsheet in the column titled Comments. We hope this will be resolved amicably.
    Artist: Malhavoc
    Provider: Van Richter Records
    Playlist Title: Premeditated Murder (re-release)
    Apple ID: 1024396651
    UPC: 785668002121
    Territories of Assertion:The World
    Territories Available: The World
    Action Taken: Parties in Touch
    Reason: Provider Asserts rights
    Comment: Please contact Paul Abramson
    Issues: Artwork, Composition, Sound Recording
  • Susana Mezz This is quite awful frown emoticon There has to be a way to stop that jerk
  • Jimi LaMort Yeah, and it's called $$$$. I have talked to lawyers but it is gonna cost money i don't have just to start the process.
  • Michael Shayne Guerin So obviously everyone in the industrial scene needs to immediately not support that label any more, for one.
    5 hrs · Like · 3
  • Jimi LaMort I don't think anyone did, as he has over a decade long history of fuckin' bands over. People obviously are supporting this scumbag without even knowing it. Anyone who bought my music on iTunes won't have any idea they are buying from Van Richter, that's how criminals get away with it.
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Jimi LaMort but yeah i definitely call for a boycott of Van Richter!!!
    4 hrs · Like · 4
  • Heiki Sillaste Van Richter were always sleaze. Ripped off everyone on their label.
    4 hrs · Like · 4
  • Russ Manten Why not set up a GoFundMe or something. Aside from Malhavoc, you've been DJing long enough that there has to be a shit ton of people willing to help get some legal fees covered.
    4 hrs · Like · 5
  • Charles G. Watson This is offensive.
  • Justitia Lux I agree with setting up a GoFundMe page! You'd be surprised how much that can help. People get hundreds of offers of INTERNAL ORGANS if they really need 'em ffs when they start a page like that. Do it. People know you. And like you.
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Jimi LaMort I don't just wanna cease and desist letter. I want him to pay for all my legal fees and and for all the damage he's done and that is not gonna be cheap.
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Heiki Sillaste Not my business really, but DHI got fucked over by the same asshole label.
    4 hrs · Like · 1
  • Jimi LaMort I know he thinks that i will contact him and we will work something out together as that would be the least expensive thing to do. NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL IS THAT GONNA HAPPEN>
  • Jimi LaMort Yeah, Heiki, in 2004 Van Richter approached me with a contract and i saw DHI was on his label so i talked to Will and he warned me about the douche. I politely told him i wasn't interested and the scumbag started sending me all this hate mail till i blocked his email address.
    4 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
  • Christian Lisso That's terrible :(((
  • Michael Myre GoFundMe can't hurt. You'd be surprised. And if lucky enough, you might attract other artists that have been ripped off too. Do it!
    3 hrs · Like · 1
  • Mike Gibbs Ripped of DHI too. Fuck that douche.
  • Johnny Larocque Class action against them funded by GoFundMe or something. Attract other fucked artists. More muscle that way.
  • Wendy Forsythe BRUTAL....
  • Steven Cannon Wait, Malhavoc was never on that label... I do remember a few of his bands, I'm surprised he's still around...

    • Mathieu Ouellet When I ran a malhavoc website, I was contacted by Van Richter; first time April 20 1998; they asked me your email - I didn't know it. They contacted me again in January 2003. I may have forwarded that to you. In May 2004 they contacted you and me (both in the To: list) saying they hadn't received a package from you and asking whether you were still interested in releasing new and catalog records in the states. In Jan 2005 I got some marketing plan/advertisement from them, shortly followed by an all caps request to provide your "March 29 One Sheet" ASAP. Received more self-promoting crap on Feb 2 2005. Sep 2005 got another email, which you got too, quite abusive and insulting in tone saying that they were pissed off at you. Then in on June 20, 2010, I got another email from them to you expressing their interest in distributing The Release through Lazarus on itunes.

  • Mathieu Ouellet I kept all emails if you need them, the guy's name is Paul Abramson
  • Jimi LaMort Yes, i would love all those emails Mathieu.
  • Jamie Low I would donate something to a gofundme account... i think you should start one... seriously.
  • ______________________________________________

    Can you believe this shit? Beyond ridiculous.

    Just got this email from iTunes....
    Hello James,
    We have been in touch with our provider and they disagree with your claim. Please work with our provider directly to resolve your concern at the email address provided in the attached spreadsheet in the column titled Comments. We hope this will be resolved amicably.
    Artist: Malhavoc
    Provider: Van Richter Records
    Playlist Title: Premeditated Murder (re-release)
    Apple ID: 1024396651
    UPC: 785668002121
    Territories of Assertion:The World
    Territories Available: The World
    Action Taken: Parties in Touch
    Reason: Provider Asserts rights
    Comment: Please contact Paul Abramson
    Issues: Artwork, Composition, Sound Recording

      News Feed

      The iTunes Mystery solved, but far from over….looks like an old stalker is back in my life. I cannot believe iTunes deals with this lifelong criminal. I should go to the press with this!! I also need an American Lawyer.

      We know know who is illegally selling my music on iTunes, a man who needs no introduction as he has harassed and stalked MALAVOC for years now and has finally stepped over the line with this most recent act!!
      This guy is totally fucking insane so how the hell does he have an account with iTunes/Apple??

      I see a few of you are friends with this total piece of shit!!
      Please tell me why and do any of you actually know this prick for real?
      I need a lawyer pronto!!
    • Shane Lange Malhavoc never released anything on this label, right? How could it have any right to digital at all?
    • Jimi LaMort Exactly. I sent a strongly worded reply to Apple/iTunes asking if they even ask anyone selling stuff on their sites for proof of copyright or proof they even have a legitimate business. This is totally insane that some nutball i've had previous run-ins with before, could just put my music up for sale on a legitimate(?) site like iTunes. Totally ridiculous!!
    • Jimi LaMort The internet is still the perfect home for criminals. It seems even the big boys don't care to follow any laws or standards today. Apple/iTunes went as far to tell me to sort this out with this insane person i tried to black and keep out of my life since harassing emails i received back in 2005!!!
    • Shane Lange I haven't looked at their terms for a while but I think it's standard that the artist/label is understood to be claiming ownership of a recording's copyright when they enter their agreement with iTunes, so he's in breach of contract on that front and he's obviously infringed, so it shouldn't be much of a fight.
    • Shane Lange (And I hope they look into all of the releases he's uploaded; who knows how many other artists are being exploited?)
    • Jimi LaMort I now see he is still selling DHI catalog illegally to this day. Will Skol of DHI warned me about this nutball back in 2004!! It's kinda scary to see that after all these years Skol/DHI still haven't stopped him from selling their stuff. That is why am i hoping a bunch of us can come together and put an end to this guy "business".
    • Shane Lange That should work in your favour then, you'd have a lot more leverage in a collective suit and the burden of legal costs is reduced. like emoticon
    • Joe Adams I started reading this, and got half way through... You said nut ball.
      ...I thought Van Sphincter.
    • Steve Dooley Hopefully you get all this shit sorted out and dealt with correctly. That is some shady shit for sure!
    • Monte Hill Shall we deluge his FB page with complaints?!
    • Jimi LaMort I doubt that will do much as he already told Apple/iTunes he has the rights to my music. That took a lot of balls to do and now i find Apple just as guilty as this nitwit. You would think when they get a complaint they would look into it.

      • Steve Dooley It seems to me that if he had the rights to your music, itunes would want some sort of proof/documentation that it he does in fact have the rights to your music. Otherwise, it seems itunes is setting themsleves up for potential lawsuits. It makes me wonder if they've got other similar cases to your own pending. I would think itunes would run a little more professionally than that. It sounds like they're thinking, "Well, this guy says he's legit, so he must be legit."

  • Jimi LaMort I am read articles before about iTunes selling software and music without insuring the provider has the rights. This definitely isn't a one off case. From my research it seems they still isn't any set in stone laws pertaining to digital sales. It still the wild wild west out there on the interweb. You would think by now there would be something in place to prevent this obvious crime.
  • Monte Hill If they can come after everyday people for illegally downloading songs....they can certainly go after people posting and making money on copyright protected material that doesn't belong to them.
  • Jimi LaMort Yeah, i expect a lot better from a mega-corp like Apple.
  • Monte Hill A friend of mine has suggested approaching SOCAN about it....don't know if that would help.
  • Jimi LaMort Called SOCAN they have nothing to do with internet digital sales.