Friday, November 25, 2011

MALHAVOC - July 1987 rehearsal tape

Download 320 kbps
edit: I will reupload this when I find it again

MALHAVOC - July 1987 rehearsal tape

2nd generation tape.

ripped from a copy of, the copy of James C.'s original CASSETTE TAPE,
he recorded on a ghetto blaster
at Scarborough,Ontario rehearsal room beside gas station, near GO Bus stop.

James C. vocals/guitar
Dave C. - Bass
John C. - Drums

01.Age of The Dark Renaissance (1:58)
02. / Urbain Grandier (4:50)
03.Masque of Red Death (5:30)
04.Meridiana (5:20)
05.Dread (7:08)
06.Age Of Desire (5:17)
07.Empirical Minds (7:17)
08.Trial & Error-From Beyond-Deathtrance (5:43)
09.Attack from the Sepulcher (master tape cuts off) (2:59)

46 minutes 2 seconds

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

alrighty then


I didn't forgot about you,and I hope you didn't forget about one of the best thrash metal bands from the 1980s because soon I will upload more live and rehearsal tracks I have again.

A little bummed out that some tracks are missing, however that is how I mailed some of these out back in the day. The July 1987 rehearsal is blowing my mind and reminds me again how much I thought MALHAVOC were as great as Destruction, Metallica, and Black Sabbath.

Thanks to my tapetrader friend who was cool enough to loan me the tapes.
I'll be sending him a bunch of more stuff, maybe entice him to look further in his old collections.