Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Videos on youtube

Now that Canada Post's strike is over, I can get back to shipping/recieving mail, which means some really cool oldschool METAL I will share with you...eventually.

For now, let's watch some old music videos -

EDIT: JUST REMEMBERED, the first Malhavoc video might have been for Dunwich Horror, using Walt Disney's FANTASIA, and/or a very ancient cartoon or movie about H. P. Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror.
I have looked on the inetrnet and can't find even on wiki any old films from pre-1980 that would fit what I am thinking of. I only seen the video maybe once or twice years ago, and thought Malhavoc's self-made video of movie clips was on youtube in the last 2 or 3 years.
There are pages for Dunwich Horror there, will keep searching.

Attack from the Sepulcher

"Second video Jimi LaMort made from the demo 'The Age of the Dark Renaissance' in the summer of '86"

'Release' promo video

"MALHAVOC's first 'real' promo video ('Release'). Taken from live footage shot by audience members and edited together by James C. Lots of horror movie clips noticable"...

'Second Image' promo video

Live at the Rivoli - 1991

"filmed in Toronto at the Rivoli club by John Dubiel. You can see a lot of the members of the MALHAVOC family either on the stage or in the audience. This show was after the release of the PUNISHMENTS ep and before the recording of PREMEDITATED MURDER album."


that fucked up Malhavoc's release and EPIDEMIC RECORDS due to a lawsuit from The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin
- Dead from the album Premeditated Murder (1992)

ONE fuckin question though...THIS IS NOT FROM their cd! WHERE did this mix come from as the Zeppelin and Stones samples are missing! ...was Premeditated "re-released" with a different mix?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello to the 2 who are visibly "following" this blog ..and maybe another 2 or 3 people

Good news....
I have been told I will get some very old Malhavoc back in my collection. so check back here in a few months.

I read their show last month was good, but have not seen a setlist or audio/video posted anywhere.

In the meantime, enjoy this newsclip from City-TV Toronto, December 19,1987
from the Foodshare Benefit all-day Gig
that Stephanie Heyens helped set up (and Oskar to some extent, but back then, he was kind of mean and crusty on some days like Billy Milano, so I think he stepped away)

Clip has brief shots of the trio, Shrine-era. Only footage that exists, as the cameraman or the tv station would only give James the master tape with maybe a complete song for $100,and he didn't have it back then, or didn't think it was worth it, so they probably taped over it.

That was the show where everybody thought James puked onstage.
I forget the story because I couldn't see from sitting in the very back on the stands, me and a friend were recording it to get a good sound.
Maybe James had dry heaves?
How do you know the date of this show if you have a copy (and have not shared it WITH US ?)
The crowd keeps yelling for a very old song of theirs to be played called "Sineater", but the drummer John C. had said back then he would never play it again.

Thanks to JimiLaMort for uploading it.

Saturday December 19, 1987.FOODSHARE BENEFIT at ILDIKO'S,Toronto.