Thursday, December 5, 2013

Malhavoc 1986 Demo re-upload

By request,
I forgot to re-upload this before.
A reader asked for it,and here it is, plus their unreleased instrumental version of a classic KREATOR tune.

Don't know why James hasn't released this on vinyl by now. 
Fairly sure even if it was a limited pressing of 200 or 300 he could make his money back and  then some.

Malhavoc (1986)  Age of the Dark Renaissance [Demo] (+ bonus track) @ 320 re-upload!TMtm1LgZ!C6-kZ1Ho8c-lS-swx17CUzrutM92XLBD7amhB-H0GxY

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another blog has shared an upload with the missing Dunwich Horror live track

There are a couple of mistakes made about the songs, but with my tape rip,

and now the following at RAF666underground,

the complete Friday The 13th 1987 set can be heard,

which includes, (the earliest known recording to be online) with ChorazaiM of MEGIDDO, screaming as surprise guest vocalist on the closing track "Dunwich Horror".

Friday, August 2, 2013

...and some more....

As nothing new is happening, here are some releases you  may, or may not have, because they may, or may not suck.

I am not a fan of their post-metal era. Found a couple of these releases elsewhere,and there are a few weblinks inside the folder so one of them is responsible for sharing originally.

Thanks goes out to Skar for The Release,and Premeditated Murder. Unfortunately I didn't ask for/ get scans, so you don't either. eat a bag of dicks.
Go see, or buy releases from, his band(s). He probably still doesn't want me linking all of them, so... too bad for his bag of dicks.

The big release of a bag of dicks in

is also responded later with the premeditated murderbag of humungous tits in

fuck shit piss cunt ah cock a doodle doo ya dickeating douchebags of the world unite. now
get ready to GET DOWN BIG TITS at 128 and go back to studying The Lazarus Complex A Tale of Two Zombies in school you fuckface in 128 kbps and stick these mp3's up your asshole you digital goobers fuck yeah the end

The filthiest post ever made. ta dah.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

re-ups, nothing new

Ok, trying the new MEGA, should be fast to download ?
Until I get additional material, enjoy these
Malhavoc 1985 DEMO#3
Malhavoc 1987 reh 2-21-87 2 songs only -  From Beyond (unreleased) , and Deathtrance (original version)
MALHAVOC 1987-03-13 Friday March the 13th at ILDIKO'S @320 but missing the last song (which was Dunwich Horror?)
Malhavoc (Can) 1987 Shrine @ 320 kbps mp3's -
here or there 
Malhavoc 1987 Shrine LP in FLAC audio files
Malhavoc 1987-12-19 Foodshare Benefit at Ildiko's (aka The Bridge), Toronto @128
1988 - nothing !
I do not know of any recordings made, including rehearsals ...

James plays as melodic hardcore band MISSING LINK's second guitarist

James solely records material on the following 3 demo tapes
Malhavoc 1989 1-89 DEMO TESTING THE WATERS 
Malhavoc summer 1989 demo @128 
Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release (vbr 224 to 320)

Malhavoc pics flyers

maybe I will post The Release and Premeditated Murder CD's later ...

Malhavoc 1991 Punishments CD

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gray Matter #2 (TX, USA) August 1987 » Demo Review - MALHAVOC 1986 DEMO

I am still waiting for a friend to locate more Malhavoc tapes I sent him.

in the meantime --------
Here's a review from a Texas metal fanzine that was helped by Rotting Corpse and Eldritch Rite member Steve Murphy (among others) .