Thursday, December 5, 2013

Malhavoc 1986 Demo re-upload

By request,
I forgot to re-upload this before.
A reader asked for it,and here it is, plus their unreleased instrumental version of a classic KREATOR tune.

Don't know why James hasn't released this on vinyl by now. 
Fairly sure even if it was a limited pressing of 200 or 300 he could make his money back and  then some.

Malhavoc (1986)  Age of the Dark Renaissance [Demo] (+ bonus track) @ 320 re-upload!TMtm1LgZ!C6-kZ1Ho8c-lS-swx17CUzrutM92XLBD7amhB-H0GxY

1 comment:

  1. Many thanks for the link and for whole awesome archive of this obscure and undervalued band. Good for You. Greeting from Russia.