Friday, July 8, 2011

MALHAVOC - 1987-12-19 Download

MALHAVOC - Saturday December 19, 1987.FOODSHARE BENEFIT at ILDIKO'S,Toronto.

wish I had some photos from the gig to go with this.

Thanks to a very old tape trader friend, here is the recording I made using a Sony mono walkman-type recorder, enhanced with a better microphone borrowed from another friend that night.
(I recorded most of the bands, but do not have them anymore.)

Fairly sure Malhavoc were playing halfway up the lineup, around 6 pm maybe, and CITY-TV 6'o clock News sent a camera to help the Benefit maybe get some more people in the door since it would still go on for hours.

(cuts in , original tape was not cued right)
03.Empirical Minds
04.Attack from the Sepulcher
05.Trial & Error/From Beyond/Deathtrance
06.Age Of Desire
07.Age of The Dark Renaissance/ Urbain Grandier
08.Dunwich Horror
(master tape also cuts off)

Download 46 minutes @ 128 kbps


  1. Hey

    Can you reupload this bootleg??
    Massive props from Malhavoc nr 1 fan in Portugal

    cheers :)

  2. Yes, in a day or couple days.