Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friday March the 13th at ILDIKO'S re-uploaded

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re-uploaded by request from the fan in Portugal

MALHAVOC 1987-03-13 Friday March the 13th at ILDIKO'S (aka previously known as The Starwood, aka the Bridge), which was on Bloor Street 1/2 between between Bathurst and Spadina Avenue , Toronto, Ontario

the order of bands that night was -
first, Beyond (Bramalea,Ontario),
Holocaust (Meadowvale, Ontario),
and Malhavoc (Pickering, Ontario) were the headliners this show, I think, because the other 2 bands were offered it being more well known, but were cool and declined, thanking Malhavoc for setting it up, & putting out the flyers.

I could be wrong.
it isn't like that James is generous and the guy sweats and bleeds for music ...wait, he does do that!


@ 320 kbps

audience recording.

01.Doug Ildiko introduction-Age of The Dark Renaissance
02.Urbain Grandier
03.Masque of Red Death
05.Age Of Desire
06.Empirical Minds
08.Attack from the Sepulcher

missing last song "Dunwich Horror" with guest singer Skar (now in the band SEPULCHRE).
Possibly still exists. Hopefully a tapetrader pal locates more Malhavoc tapes I made and sent to him in 1987-88.
You bastards will be pretty happy if he finds them and it is shared!

Big mistake on my part. Not recording and storing on chrome cassettes, or making duplicates, because Normal tapes usually didn't last (I would learn later).

I'm surprised that others haven't yet uploaded to youtube or somewhere, as James said in the 1980s there were a few diehard fans/friends in his neighbourhood since the start of the band that collected and recorded everything they did.


  1. Thank you very much :)

    The fan from Portugal, aka Mr. Terrivel on facebook

  2. Ooops... Jimi, it appears I spoke too soon...

    both Mediafire Links you posted recently, are offline, because apparently your account is Suspended...
    I downloaded most of the demos and stuff, but that show and another one, plus the latest link you posted, I still dont have :((

    Mr. Terrivel, aka the fanatic from Portugal (a once innocent child of 11 induced into the mad world of Malhavoc...shame shame...what dangers you might have unleashed upon the world James\Jimi)

  3. Hey guys, the fan from Portugal has to say, your mediafire account has been removed :(((

    1. crap... well... I think i have just about had it anyways with the internet.

      It sucks that other fans like you maybe missed out, but if people gave a damn, they could just start uploading the stuff I already shared, instead of me re-uploading here, or on other websites I belong(ed) to.

      Maybe James grabbed the files and will upload on one of his profiles / sites he uses, or will put them on youtube, since it's his music and should not get deleted, compared to me uploading it.

      Mr. Terrivel just keep searching -

      I used to use a LOT of search engines/certain websites, that daily shared links, but can;t remember anymore what they were.


  4. That sucks indeed....

    I will keep searching... I came here also by accident thru another major russian Metal site, but all their links are gone (but oh well, besides the first record, which I will get my hands on someday at Ebay or something, I have all their other stuff, including some repeated shit)
    Thanx for the Demos here, I only previously had another of the demos.

    Thanx for this blog! I will look for when those bootlegs resurface


    Mr. Terrivel

  5. last song included by this blog