Monday, September 15, 2014

old review

Age Of The Dark Renaissance

When me and the mighty Chor first met, it was our fondness for old metal (black/thrash and the likes) that brought upon our friendship. I freaked that he had this still in his collection. It is another item that I've hogged for the longest time. Mlotek can also attest to my lack of promptness returning stuff. I forget sometimes, sorry guys. In Toronto, all local bands (Sacrifice and Malhavoc, amongst others) would hang out at the Record Peddler (the temple of thrash, no cooler store existed) during it's days across from the Gardens. Listening to Agg Rock (88.1) was also the ritual, actually it still is. That period in time was amazing as bands from those days would become the heroes of today. Malhavoc were really underrated and this release was very dark with a mature sound bearing resemblance to the cult band Tormentor. Search for it or bug ChorazaiM for a copy, whenever I give it back that is.

� 2001 malphas

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