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Malhavoc - (1987) Shrine LP

Malhavoc - (1987) Shrine LP

01 - Age Of The Dark Renaissance-Urbain Grandier
02 - Attack From The Sepulcher
03 - Empirical Minds
04 - Dunwich Horror
05 - Dread
06 - Age of Desire
07 - Masque of the Red Death
08 - Meridiana
09 - Trial And Error: Of Reanimators And Immortals/ From Beyond/ Deathtrance
10 - Extro
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It has been so long, and since I no longer have access to any old fanzines, or any folks who remember what was supposed to be --- I managed to wing it.

As a diehard fan of this era of Malhavoc, and having attended most, if not all of their shows when they were still true metal, I put together the tracks of what was to be their debut album for Diabolic Force / Fringe Records, from 2 of their cd's.

There has been a rough mix tape that has been traded for years, and I doubt it originally came from me, but you never know. Brian yelled at me when he seen it on my tapetrader list 6 months , or a year later.

It was only 6 songs, one side of a 45 minute tape. Figures me, or Rob Raffan didn't tell me there were more songs on the other side for a long time!

"Dread" I know was written around December 1985, as that was when it was recorded on a rehearsal tape.
All the others not from the Renaissance demo, am pretty sure were all written in 1987.

Since "Deathtrance", and the outro was at the end of the rough mix tape we had,I always felt that was how the vinyl was meant to end when released (this STILL shoule be on vinyl- everybody is bootlegging Razor and Sodom and Mercyful Fate, how about these guys?!)

"From Beyond" is not the same song from the March 1987 rehearsal,just the same title used.

The ONLY thing which does not seem right is "Extro".

I remember an electrical sizzling sound, like the Tempest video game,plus James pointed out,if you listen very, very carefully - in the background he sampled the squeaking gate and rain from "the Storm" off the 1986 demo 'Age of The Dark Renaissance'.
I don't hear it on this,so was it scrapped, or am I going deaf?

Unless I find other early tapes/rips from fans, this might be the last post for this blogsite.
I will not be uploading The Release, or Premeditated Murder cd's. I see there are torrents on the net for them, so you bastards who know how that shit works, go grab them there, I don't know how.


Ok, I know where I messed up. The outro track was called "Epoch Of Empirism", and it is included here - Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release
I'm not fixing the mistake. But those of you who want the album as meant to be, delete Extro, add "Epoch", and fix the mp3 details to match.


  1. Thanks for posting all of this! I wish someone would buy up the catalogue, a la Sacrifice, and start reissuing all the Malhavoc albums.

    Any thoughts about a follow-up article on the "reunion" gig in BC last year (or whenever it was, I don't recall exactly)?

  2. Hey, I lost this tape sometime in the 90s. Someone on PEI probably still has it.

    Thanks for posting Shrine!