Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release

full demo cover included in download
James said on each copy he handed out, he added him fooling around with his sequncer to fill up side 1.

01.The Release
03.William Wilson
04.1990 demo exclusive to this cassettte copy

05.Epoch Of Empirism (from Shrine)
06.Empirical Minds (from Shrine)
07.Age Of Desire (from Shrine)
08.Mark of Cain (By Steve)

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Malhavoc 1990 Demo The Release vbr (224 to 320 kbps)

Kudos to Oskar for loaning this tape back to me to copy and share it with other Malhavoc fans (all 3 of you know who you are, that remember when Malhavoc was good).
AND a big I don't give a CRAP THAT "evil" chuck is dead,ZERO KUDOS to "Evil" Chuck for smashing his copy of the demo and also for the Malhavoc shirt also given to him that he left on the floor of his tour bus and made people walk on.
Guess maybe karma caught up to him?


  1. Who told you that story about Evil Chuck making people walk on the Malhavoc shirt? Why did he hate them?

  2. Chuck hated the idea of drum machines and sequencers... as "false metal". Good thing was James Murphy got into it with the little that he heard.

    I hated the last few Death albums so I guess we're even...

    Rob W