Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malhavoc 1987 rehearsal

Of course, I was so smart to copy the two songs only from this rehearsal,but lose the rest and the hour long interview(which was published as 7 pages in the first issue of Scrolls Of Doom zine)

1987 (March ?) rehearsal

1.From Beyond (unreleased, never recorded in studio)
2.Deathtrance (original version, pre-Shrine album)
Malhavoc '87 interview in Anti-Poser.jpg (missing the last column)
Anti-Poser was an underground metal fanzine from Niagara Falls, Ontario.Published by Derek Wills.

James C. vocals/guitar
Dave C. bass
John C. drums


There is a July 1987 rehearsal that was shared back with me, but sure wish I had kept all of this March session as all 3 members just killed !!

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