Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malhavoc 1985 DEMO #3

YES,this blog is ONLY about Malhavoc that started in Pickering, Ontario.
I will add photos and flyers etc soon.

I WISH I still had the 1983 and 84 demos, and the December 1985 rehearsal tapes.
Maybe someday some or all of it will show up again, but unlikley,

If any of that was released on vinyl by James, despite the poor sound quality, he would get sales, as some of us purchase bootlegs by obscure 1980s death/black.thrash metal bands due to the rarity of the songs.

The original two demos were 4 track (or 8 track ?) tape home recordings I guess and sounded as good as demos by Sodom or Hellhammer.

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Malhavoc 1985 DEMO #3 vbr

2.PARANOIA (cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid with a riff later used in "The Age of..")
EDIT:my mistake. The riff I'm thinking of, was used in either Urbain Grandier or Dunwich Horror.

Fairly sure this was done around just some time before the "Beginning The End" demo that was played on CKLN-FM radio (which no longer exists) out of Ryerson University .

Lineup was for this demo (after guitarist Nigel left?)
James C. (James Cavalluzzo-gtr,bass)
and John C. (John Carss)- drums)


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