Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malhavoc 1991 Punishments

I think Re-release is the version that James wanted to originally record, but the first time in the studio with the new style,for The Release album, they played it as fast as they performed it live?
I can't remember exactly what he said that night he came down to CKLN after I played the ancient Malhavoc demo song "Sineater"...
I forgot there was a M.E.A.T.compilation cd... was there 2 of them? Think bands had to pay to get on there, so Ron Sumners who owned Epidemic Records maybe caught a deal?
Funny,eh? because years later, that is what BW&BK mag did, charge bands a fee to get a track and a brief mention on their monthly compilation cd with the magazine.

01 - Punishments
02 - Woodwitch
03 - The Mirror
04 - Distaste
05 - Re-Release
06 - Punishments (M.E.A.T. Mix)
07 - Woodwitch (Dirt Mix)

Malhavoc (1991) Punishments CD rip 320 kbps


Thanks to Steve Murphy (from Eldritch Rite,Process Revealed, and Rotting Corpse),for sending me this cd, as I don't remember what happened to my copy.


  1. I picked this up in Owen Sound when it was released. Lost it around '93 when moved to Europe and been looit for the a while now. Thnx for this.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this album... I've been looking around for Punishments for years. Have all the other stuff in varying quality, so I was excited to see this at a decent bitrate. Any chance of ever upping a solid 320 or FLAC of this? And maybe Release too? It would be very appreciated.

  3. Not sure what you mean by "solid 320"..I guess the upload was in VBR (variable bit-rate)?
    I was told by a heavy downloader that was preferred to save space on his computer.

    The band are selling digital files of this album and all their other albums I think.
    I might soon pull all of the links that they are also selling,since they should have better quality.
    Personally I think buying digital files is bullshit, but too many people are assholes and won't even buy physical releases, or even merch from bands (like shirts, stickers, patches,etc)