Thursday, April 28, 2011

Malhavoc to play a gig on Saturday April 30th, 2011

Saturday at 21:00 - Sunday at 02:00


Saturday at 21:00 - Sunday at 02:00

The Bovine Sex Club
542 Queen St W

Since there has never been a mention that the classic trio of James C.,John C.,and Dave C. reuniting and giving us wicked metal again, I was not going to mention this....


I seen these posts on the facebook event page for this -

Jimi LaMort I am hoping to DJ at Neurodance that night too. Always wanted to spin there but i DJ Fetish@Goodhandys the first Sat every month. Gonna premeire new MALHAVOC at Nocturne and live at Blovine that night.
08 April at 16:22

Jimi LaMort
How about this then... it's a little older.
Dunwich Horror by MALHAVOC
Dunwich Horror by MALHAVOC
From the album "AGE OF THE DARK RENAISSANCE" recorded and released 1986 on cassette only. Recorded by Jimi LaMort and Johnny Carss or E...
19 April at 12:02 · LikeUnlike
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Michael Myre "Dear Jimi, I Love you. Yours truly, Mike. I better hear this at the show or you're jeopardizing our relationship.
19 April at 12:37
Jimi LaMort "We'll see tonight at rehearsal how our relationship is doing. I have a feeling we may do a lot of the 80's songs....
19 April at 12:45 ·

...just one brief mention of a maybe is not enough incentive for me to attend.

IF it was the classic trio, and John plays his real drumset with the roto toms and at at least half the set was the classic demo material....

it is times like these, I am told afterward "You should have been there!, they did ALL the old stuff that you like!"


old stuff (Thanks James)

"promo photocopy from 1986. Photographed at our jam room rehearsal"

Here is a ruff b/w mock up for what was gonna be one side of the album cover for our SHRINE album for Diabolic Force/Metal Blade records. Never seen before, this is actually a color painting i have in my closet somewhere for the Epoch of Empirism side of the record. the other side, Age of the Dark renaissance was to have the same art work from the demo.

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  1. Don't worry, judging by the response last night i am considering booking another Tronna gig and perhaps we'll play more old tunes. We were thinking of doing a full reunion when Dave C. returned to Toronto for the first time in over 10 years as he had been living in Saudi Arabia. Before we could put something together a he left Toronto for middle east again. So that is why we did the old tunes last night.

    Jimi LaMort