Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gates of Hell setlist

My copy I taped off the radio is long gone, but it is definitely one of Malhavoc's BEST after their 1986 demo and pre-The Release CD.

I know James,John, and new member guitarist(& keyboards/sampler?) Steve(is that his name?)(ex-Winter Regime) were in the band.
Possibly Rob Wright too.

Malhavoc - Live on CIUT-FM, Toronto
Beyond The Gates of Hell radio show

No Running
William Wilson
The Release (with Metallica's 'No Remorse', and Urbain Grandier medley)
The Age of the Dark Renaissance / Dunwich Horror
Like Clockwork (WINTER REGIME cover)
? unknown track
ending with James C.& John C. jamming after end of the set.

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