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MALHAVOC _ Naked (official video)

Uploaded by JimiLaMort on Jan 5, 2012

MALHAVOC official video for the song 'NAKED' from the 'GET DOWN' album.

The idea for this video was that the band were making their video and were not enjoying themselves posing for the camera, which was a reference to their previous 'Crusade' video. So the band walks off the set and on the way home they pass by many other bands making videos.

As you can see MALHAVOC used many friends in this video including a few from other Toronto bands....

The video is directed by Jason Romilly.


MALHAVOC _Live at Sneaky Dee's '94
'Believe' and 'Naked' from the album 'GET DOWN'

Uploaded by JimiLaMort on Oct 6, 2010

After MALHAVOC's GET DOWN album was released in 1994, they put on an all ages show on a Sunday at Sneak Dee's in Toronto.

MALHAVOC is Steve Jelliman on Bass, Chris 'SKID' Scahill on Guitar, John Carss on Drum and Back up vocals, and Jimi LaMort is playing an out of tune Guitar and butchering the lyrics on Naked.

Filmed by Sonny Frieday and Manny Rego


MALHAVOC Live '89 'Age of Desire'

Uploaded by JimiLaMort on Jan 6, 2012

MALHAVOC live at Lee's Palace in Toronto, 1989. This is the time just after the Thrash/Death Metal and before The Release album. When MALHAVOC first started to perform with a drum machine they played behind a video screen for the first few shows. This is perhaps the drum machine era Malhavoc, Rob and Jimi's first show in front of the screen.

Age of Desire was written about the Clive Barker story of the same name. Here are the lyrics.

___Age of Desire_____

"Give me your heart!"

Hidden in the night. The city swells in the heat.
Induced by an urge, corrosive natural passive
The fire seared in his veins. Heard his heartbeat.
Turned on by this need. She will unearth what she pursues.
Freed from apathy. No plan of attack.
Potent in effect, she surrenders to her goal.
Thrust his hand in and feels for her heart.
Satisfied his need as she hemorrhages to death.

This is the age of desire.
Excess can destroy and excess will destroy in this age of desire.

The animal was released, a fate he had to grasp.
One last flame spewed from within as the devouring element burns out.
Are we all blind? Can we not learn from our mistakes?
If we don't see through the fire, we will get seriously burnt.

"You and I, we are the end of the world!"

Not the greatest quality but i could upload the whole show if there are any freaks wanted to see it....

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