Friday, April 11, 2014

The first MALHAVOC t-shirts

The first MALHAVOC t-shirts with the 'Age of the Dark Renaissance' cover on the front had this 'pact' on the back. Also the old 80's MALHAVOC geometric logo was also based on the Baalberith symbol.
Catholic priest Urbain Grandier was burned at the stake in 1634 for allegedly bewitching a convent full of nuns in the French town of Loudun. The accusation came about not because of what Grandier did, but rather because of what he didn’t...
Dangerous Minds
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Man, it took years to find this shirt again... and ...I promised to give it to another diehard fan ,especially of their "metal years" .... it is going eventually in the mail to a bassist in Texas!
(because he will probably be able to look ok in it with his small girly man chest, compared to my he-man, robust, beer belly!)

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  1. You are partly correct, those are the first mass produced MALHAVOC Shirts, we had hand made a few before them, i wonder if i can find them?