Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tribute song to James and malhavoc

by a Toronto,Ontario joke band,

DEATH TONGE - Possessed By James
from the
January 1988 Rehearsal demo ''All Bones, No Meat''

the ending includes voice samples of James taken off the telephone

download mp3 from here

DEATH TONGE was inspired by the New York noisy joke band Intense Mutilation, and the  newspaper comic strip ''Bloom County''.

link below
is for some more tracks off the demo, including the March 1988 ''Kill Rhonda's Fish'' rehearsal.

( Rhonda was a stripper who lived at the drummer's house, and was also a stage dancer/groupie of the glam-goth band SYLUM ).,No+Meat+rehearsal+demo+%281987%29

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  1. Death Tongue best tune was SODOMIZIN' DARLA (from Lil' Rascals)!! Find that tune Al Nolan!!