Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ANY one interested ?

A lot of people thought it was cool back then, but Evil Annihilator never reprinted them... he also left a box (or boxes?) of the 1986 demo cassettes sitting where they were reproduced.for the band... I wonder if he ever did pay for them- and pick them up, or did that business sell them off themselves or to other bands to re-record their demos over them?

The bottom photo, the part of the supposed contract with Satan by Catholic priest Urbain Grandier, was on the back of the MALHAVOC 1987 "Age of the..." t-shirt.
If you don't have a problem with that design on the back, there's probably a ton of shops out there that could help replicate the old shirt for us.
Never looked into making shirts before, but always see bootleg shirts being sold online.
How hard can it be?
Haven't filled out my income tax yet, but should have enough dough from it.

At least with me, this is not for profit, or I will just get them done and get reimbursed later from the band if they want to sell these shirts themselves through their web-store.
Personally , I do not really trust selling online as so many thieving bastards are out there.(Could be the reason why eBay and Paypal are now separating from their previous tight venture).

Through me, it is strictly cash, money order or trades, unless there is something more reliable than those fuckwads at Paypal.?

so leave a comment if interested.
I am going to look into this for myself, but am not printing many extras.

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