Wednesday, June 3, 2015

wrong infornation, but what else do you expect from metal archives?

I know the mistakes they typed about this, and so do many of you, but that website run by idiots (eg. years ago, they deleted almost all of the NWOBHM bands from its listings saying they weren't metal ...) , WHERE AND WHAT is their proof  for all of  this ???
One day when a proper book by the band is written, metal archives can copy everything (without false information admitted) and it ever being revised / modified by the next guy at that site.

Shrine EP 1988



Release date:1988
Catalog ID:N/A
Reviews:None yet
1. Age of Dark Renaissance/Urbain Grandier 06:01  
2. Attack from the Sepulcher 04:33  
3. Empirical Minds 06:48  
4. Dunwich Horror 05:46  
5. Dread 06:46  
6. Trial and Error: 1) Of Reanimators and Immortals 2) From Beyond 3) Deathtrance 05:43  

Track #4 based on a H.P. Lovecraft story
Track #2 is a tribute to film director George Romero

Songs written at times as follows:
Oct/Nov 1985: #1b
Mar/Apr 1986: #2
Apr/May 1986: #4
May/Jun 1986: #1a
Nov/Jan 1987: #3
Feb/Mar 1987: #5
Jun 1987:#6b-c
Aug 1987: #6a

Tracks 1, 2 and 4 previously featured (as different versions) on the "Age of the Dark Renaissance" demo (1986)
Recording information:
Recorded summer 1988 at Reaction Studios, Toronto, Canada

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